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Friday, December 30, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

     © Lina's Designz... An early Happy New Year to you all! Lol. For this tut, I'm using an amazing PTU scrap kit by Rebellious Scraps ( Please leave her some love if you visit<3<3 Artwork is by Elias Chatzoudis: "Miss Happy New Year" Tut is found HERE

Monday, December 26, 2011

Moment For Life

     © Lina's Designz... Isn't this little dragon adorable?! :D I just had to create with this cute creature cause' I just love dragons. :) I'm using 2 lovely FTU scrap kits called: "Moment For Life" Sampler by Gothic Inspirations ( and "Because The Night" by Digicats (and Dogs) ( Artwork is by Chuchilko: "Baby Dragon" Tut is now uploaded HERE

Paris Lovin'

     © Lina's Designz... For this taggie, I'm using a beautiful FTU scrap kit called: "Paris Dreams" by Scraps Dimensions ( Artwork is by Lady Mishka. Mask is by Nik's Nik Naks. Tut is now uploaded HERE

Saturday, December 17, 2011

~ Noel ~

     © Lina's Designz... New tut coming your way guys. :) I'm using a PTU scrap kit called: "Black Christmas" by Addictive Pleasures ( Artwork is by DiMary. Mask is by Nik's Nik Naks. Hope you try this one out! Tut is uploaded HERE

Friday, December 9, 2011

Joys Of The Season

     © Lina's Designz... Hi guys :) A few more for tonight... Hope you like! I'm using an adorable PTU scrap kit by Rebellious Scraps ( named: "A Christmas Story" :) Please leave her some love if you visit<3 Artwork is by Deborah Grieves: "Christmas Elf" Tut is NOW UPLOADED HERE 

Chestnuts Roasting

     © Lina's Designz... For all you Johnny Fans out there ;) Lol. I'm using a gorgeous PTU scrap kit by MiMi Concept called "Noel Passé" This kit can be purchased HERE Mask is by Niks Nik Naks. Artwork is by Arthur Crowe: "Hot Christmas Johnny" :) Tut is NOW UPLOADED HERE 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Gift Of Christmas

     © Lina's Designz... Sexy taggie for you guys today!! I'm using a PTU scrap kit named: "Last Minute Christmas" by Gothic Inspirations ( Mask is by Niks Nik Naks. Artwork is by Arthur Crowe: "Santa Daddy" - The ultimate Christmas gift ;) Lol. Tut is NOW UPLOADED HERE 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gothic Holiday

     © Lina's Designz... Double versions for you guys today! I had a request to create a taggie with a fireplace, tree, presents... the whole package - a sort of "Christmas morning feel" sooooo... here it is! :) I'm using a PTU scrap kit named: "Ho! Ho! Ho!" by Gothic Inspirations ( with matching FTU sampler. Artwork is by Lady Mishka. Tutorial is found HERE

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Frosty Xmas ~ I'm Now A CT Member!!

     © Lina's Designz... So happy right now! Today I have joined Sandrine's (Rebellious Scraps) Creative Team! :D I'm really excited to be a part of it. :) Please visit her beautiful blog here: For this tut, I'm using her lovely PTU scrap kit: "Purple Winter" Artwork is by Keith Garvey. Mask is by Nik's Nik Naks. Tutorial is found HERE Enjoy!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Announcement: I Am Now Copyright Protected (Updated)

     Hi everyone... Just dropped in to give you this important announcement. As of now, everything on my blog is Copyright Protected - my blog... my taggies... my scrap kits... etc. P.S: I feel a little more pro now. ;) ... As a friendly reminder... please do not copy anything of mine. I welcome you to provide the link to my blog but do not post my tags on your site (with the exception of scrap designers). I had a site recently that snagged all my tags and did not provide the link to my blog. I also disabled "right-clicking" on my page to feel a little more safe especially since Christmas is just around the corner and I have lots of fun stuff coming up. These are my creations and I put alot of time and effort into them. Please respect my site... See you all after Thanksgiving. :) ... Lina<3

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Traditions

     Hi again :) Back with a new tut for you all :) ... PTU scrap kit named: "Traditional Thanksgiving" by Gothic Inspirations ( Mask is by Niks Nik Naks. Artwork is by Elias Chatzoudis: "Virginia" Tutorial is found HERE 
     This will be my last Thanksgiving taggie post. I will be getting ready for the UPCOMING CHRISTMAS UPLOADS SPECIAL!!! :D I might still be posting at my Non-Autumn page so be on the look out just in case. :) I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and have fun with the consuming of your turkeys, yams, pumpkin pie and other delicious desserts! :D Lol. Hugs, Lina <3

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adore The Seasons

     Lovely FTU scrap kit sampler named: "A Little Goes A Long Way" by Gothic Inspirations ( :) I also mixed in some of my own elements, too from my mini kit below: "Thanksgiving Mix" :) Tut now uploaded HERE 

Gone Camping

     Sexy Zac is back! :D Lol. Tut was created with a beautiful PTU scrap kit named "Gone Camping" by A CowGirl's Creationz ( Artwork is by Arthur Crowe - my 1st EXCLUSIVE Tube: "Sexy Zac" with a mask by Nik's Nik Naks. Please click on the image for a nicer view. :) ... Please remember that you must be a member of my mailing list @ Yahoo! Groups in order to recieve my Exclusive. Please view my "Exclusive Tubes" page for further rules HERE Be sure to apply the correct copyright: ©Arthur Crowe EXCLUSIVE TUBE Tut is now uploaded HERE

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sexiest 666

     Good afternoon guys! Here is a taggie I made with a unique and sexy Exclusive Tube by Vaughn O'Shey given to me by my awesome follower and member of my Yahoo! Group. :) Thank you so much for the gift, Casper!! ... Tut was created with a PTU scrap kit named: "The Witching Hour" by Gothic Inspirations ( :) Mask is by Nik's Nik Naks and the quote came from my head. Lol. Please click on the image for a nicer view. :) Tutorial is found HERE 

Seven Deadly Sins ~ Envy

     I bring you a special tut today. :) ... PTU scrap kit called: "Voodoo" by Addictive Pleasures ( Arwork is by Arthur Crowe: "Envy" among the Seven Deadly Sins Collection. Mask is by Nik's Nik Naks. Please click on the image for a nicer view. :) Hope you give this tut a go! Tutorial is found HERE 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autumn Dream

     Taggie was created with a lovely PTU scrap kit named: "Autumn Dream" by MiMi Concept at Digi Scrap Booking HERE Artwork is by Arthur Crowe: "Sexy Zac" - my 1st EXCLUSIVE Tube :) Mask is by Nik's Nik Naks. Tut is found HERE Please remember that if I send you this image and you include it in this taggie, be sure to apply the correct copyright: ©Arthur Crowe EXCLUSIVE TUBE

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sexy Zac by Arthur Crowe EXCLUSIVE!!!

     Arthur Crowe did such an amazing job on this EXCLUSIVE digital model of Zac Efron!!! And OH MY GOODNESS IT'S GORGEOUS!!! :D Whoo!!! No. 1 Zac fan! :D Lol. I'm just completely blown away by the results. :) ... Anyways, this is the full tube Arthur made for me. :) It comes with an extra layer; you can have the image with or without his shirt. :D  If you want to get this exclusive tube, you can only recieve it by signing up for my mailing list: "Lina's Designz @ Yahoo! Groups" but you must be a member for at least 5 days. Please be sure to send me an email ( saying you would like to recieve it. However, you must be a frequent visitor of my blog *Special thanks to everyone who comes here often :)* For more information, click here: ... Tut for this tube is coming up VERY SOON. :) On a side note... I think my pet lizard, Zac, would be happy to know how attractive he looks digitalized. LOL. :D Enjoy!
Hugs, Lina <3

Friday, September 9, 2011

Festive Beginning & Mini Story

     Here I have a new taggie made with my two FTU scrap kits below: "Cornucopia" and "Bygone Era" :) Artwork is by Barbara Jensen and mask is by Niks Nik Naks. Hope you try this one out. :)
                           If you would like to hear a story...

     Even though I am here again, giving you some more creations of mine :) - this has been a pretty crazy week. I've been in school for 3 days now, finding all my new classes... getting use to the rush of things in the ol' routine again but at 3:38 pm yesterday, Southern California was left without electricity. I had finally realized that all the lights had went out when I flipped the light switch out in the hallway. Shortly afterwards, I noticed that all the heat lamps for my beardies (read more about my lizards HERE) had turned off. :O At this point, I'm wondering if it's just my home or that everyone else in the neighborhood has lost power as well. I look out the window and see people already walking outside. So I find myself in a complete sticky situation. My phone line is down so I can't even call the power company or anyone else for that matter, the weather was in the 90s so my home was heating up like an oven, and my beardies are left without their lights.
     As expected, people started leaving into town while I heard someone say: "... it's good that we have water," And yes, it was. I found myself spraying my face and hair with cold water because it was so hot!!! And there was no way to get around it... no TV, no Internet, nothing. I was completely cut off from the world and stuck inside my house. I even found Zac (my baby bearded dragon) looking up at me as if to say: "Hey, where did all the light go? Someone stole it!" while Basil (my older lizard) started drifting off to sleep, thinking it was night... and soon it was. All the sunlight from outside started fading away and my house was becoming invaded with darkness. I was completely caught off guard... I had only 1 candle and a few flashlights. And even though it was now night, it was still very warm. (At least that might have benefited my lizards :)) I had to travel around with a mini lantern in order to see (I got a vivid flash back from that movie "Insidious" I gotta say... It was great timing considering how dark it was *nervous laugh*) but eventually all I could do was lay down and wait it out until the lights came back on.
     In this predicament, I had school tomorrow and I couldn't even work on my assignment that was due the next day because I had no Internet plus my laptop won't turn on unless it's plugged in. All I could hope for was that school would be canceled because of the power outage. Around 8 O' clock, I turned in until I finally fell to sleep. I woke up a few hours later to hear on the radio that school would be canceled. At least I wouldn't have to worry about that assignment. :) Soon after hearing that, I went back to sleep and when I woke up, the lights were back on. Turns out, possibly one person in Arizona was the cause of the whole thing - so I've heard on the Internet. Article HERE So here I am, posting this now on my 3 day weekend since I had a little extra time. :) Hope you found this story entertaining and have a great weekend... Lina <3

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vintage Country

     I finally got the second book! But I haven't finished it quite yet though that isn't the only reason why I've been gone. Besides other things going on in my personal life, I've been doing a few things for the blog. I am now offerring a MAILING LIST @ Yahoo! Groups (if you haven't noticed) :) And a few other stuff I added to the side bar. Ok, enough of that. :) ... I created this taggie with a lovely PTU scrap kit named "Vintage Country" by A CowGirl's Creations ( :) Artwork is by Cris Ortega. Tubes by this artist is available to download at 4shared. Masks are by Nik's Nik Naks. Please click on the image for a nicer view...Tut is found HERE for quick access. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Carribean Seas

     Some pirate scraps for you today. :) Arwork is by Stefano Mazzotti... "Booty" (I do not think this tube is available at this time). Thank you to Scrapping Mar ( and Rieka Rafita ( for your awesome PTU kits. Scrapping Mar: Sea Inside and Rieka Rafita: Pirates of the Carribean. I am using a mask from Babe's Designz.

Treasure Isle

     Another pirate one. :) Artwork is by Eugene Rzhevskii. Thank you to Rebellious Scraps ( and Gothic Inspirations ( for your fantastic PTU scrap kits. Rebellious Scraps: A Pirate's Life and Gothic Inspirations: ARRR Treasure Isle. The "mask" is included in the kit.