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Sexy Zac by Arthur Crowe

Copyright: ©Arthur Crowe Exclusive Tube
     Arthur Crowe did such an amazing job on this EXCLUSIVE digital model of Zac Efron!!! And OH MY GOODNESS IT'S GORGEOUS!!! :D Whoo!!! No. 1 Zac fan! :D Lol. I'm just completely blown away by the results. :) ... Anyways, this is the full tube Arthur made for me. :) It comes with an extra layer; you can have the image with or without his shirt. :D On a side note... I think my pet lizard, Zac, would be happy to know how attractive he looks digitalized. LOL. :D Enjoy!
Hugs, Lina <3

Autumn Dream Taggie

     Taggie was created with a lovely scrap kit named: "Autumn Dream" by Mi Mi Concept at Digi Scrap Booking HERE Artwork is by Arthur Crowe: "Sexy Zac" - my 1st EXCLUSIVE Tube :) Mask is by Nik's Nik Naks. 
Gone Camping Taggie

     Tut was created with a beautiful PTU scrap kit named "Gone Camping" by A CowGirl's Creationz ( Artwork is by Arthur Crowe - my 1st EXCLUSIVE Tube: "Sexy Zac" with a mask by Nik's Nik Naks. Please click on the image for a nicer view. :) ... Tut is found HERE 

Telling The World...

     Creative FTU scrap kit named: "My Happy Autumn" by Mediterranka ( :) I'm using a Nik's Nik Naks mask. Artwork is by Arthur Crowe... My 1st Exclusive Tube: "Sexy Zac" :) Please click on the image for a nicer view. :) ... Tut is found HERE I selected this title from the song "Telling The World" by Taio Cruz from the "Rio" Soundtrack. :)
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